R & G also boasts a collection of our very own CNC machines. With these our engineering department is able to machine at close tolerances while maintaining high levels of production. Doing this enables us to specialise in bulk production of even more specialised products with minimum samples or prototypes.

Our CNC machines enable us to do 3D machining, as well as the design and production of tools for our in-house needs, and for the needs of our clients. Our CNC turning machines can work on diameters of up to 450mm, and between centres of 600mm, while our bar feeders leave our machines fully automated, enabling our highly skilled operators to place even more focus on the quality of the work.

Productivity, accuracy and efficiency come standard

with our CNC offering and expertise.

Our CNC pipe and tube bending machine provides a consistent and accurate finish every time, producing perfect round bends and scratch-free pieces of work. Our high volume output at high speed is a definite advantage. The R & G Sheet Metal CNC cutting machine is perfect for technical and gear cutting, keyways and tapers.

R & G are here for you

Our CNC machining services are right for your business needs