As an effective form of corrosion protection, our powder coating offering delivers effective durability and a high-quality finish in a wide variety of colours. The installation of two paired reciprocators has further improved our production facilities and efficiencies. Powder coating is a dual purpose procedure offering both protective and decorative properties.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is the application of dry powder paint particles to a part, mainly used for coating metals. The dry powder is temporarily attracted to the part by means of an opposite, low voltage electrical charge. The powder, now covering the part, is then heated until it ‘melts’ and flows evenly around the part forming a plastic-like skin. A chemical reaction amongst the particles called cross-linking also occurs, which produces long molecular chains ensuring durability.

We offer an all-in-one powder coating production facility.

Efficiency is core to our service offering.

Traditional ‘wet’ painting techniques such as spray-painting or even household paints require the paint to be dispersed along with a suspension liquid carrier. The carrier allows the paint to be spread evenly, although this is not a guarantee and the liquid carrier must evaporate in order for the wet paint to dry.

Powder coating offers numerous benefits and advantages. The powder coating process involves preparation, application and curing. The benefits of powder coating vs wet paint techiquesare numerous.

The benefits of powder coating

Safer for everyone

As liquid paints dry they evaporate all sorts of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound) into the atmosphere, whereas powder coating cools down, emitting zero or near zero VOC’s.

It's green

Unused powders and over-sprays as a result of the coating process are collected and recycled resulting in negligible wastage.

Less Risk

The powder coating process reduces fire and health risks for operators. Research on raw materials has produced powders that can be cured at lower temperatures meaning lower energy consumption.

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